About Us

Heather Weich &

Anne Schoenemann

Sisters, Founders & Zen Enthusiasts

Our life’s passion has been a journey of inner-exploration and authentic self expression in search of holistic health. Holistic health, you say? Yes. Good ole comfortable-in-your-own-skin peace-of mind, self-acceptance and enjoyment of life in its only form: The Present Moment. Self care, mindfulness and energy work has proven to be our well-being lynchpin for improving the mind, body, spirit connection. You know. What you eat and how well you sleep. How you exercise your body and your mind. In the gym. On the mat. Off the mat. On the table, cushion or couch. For years now, we’ve been collecting tools and best practices for well-being, insight and conscious living. Our mission has been to bring together this eclectic mix of means to help us all create space for our own wisdom, direction and guidance to shine through. To align our mojo and balance our juju. Everything we offer has been hand-made or hand-selected with love and intention. Splashed with sass. We’re all about promoting energetic healing, good chi and high-vibes, but simply adorning yourself or your personal space with good smells, little pretties and big smiles will answer the call too.

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