Agate Druzy Crescent Moon


Hello.  This is my introduction to the a-maz-ing-ness of agate druzy!

These beauties are approximately 2 3/4″ long, 2″ wide, and 1/2″ deep.

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Agate Properties:

Energetically protective.  Illuminates darker, unresolved past issues, helping to recognize one’s true spiritual nature.  Dissolves negative thoughts arising from inner-dialogue or directed toward oneself.  Helps to identify flaws and changes necessary to turn them into strengths.  Useful for easing fear, protecting the over sensitive from depression and manifesting gratification and joy. 

Key Words:  Protection ∞ Illumination ∞ Dissolution ∞ Transformation ∞ Renewal 

Chakra:  First; Root; Mūlādhāra. The Root Chakra is the first of our energy centers and forms the basis and the starting point for our development