Chakra Balance Gemstone and Essential Oil Bracelet Set


A divine universal energy aligned with the subtle body energy centers is inherently destined to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual meridians within the body.  Help tune into each of the chakra centers and clear energetic blockages with crystal energy, therapeutic grade essential oil and personal intention.  Complement your daily mindfulness practice with our signature balance bracelet!


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  The Chakras

The entire universe, including each one of us, is made of energy.  Chakras are the vital energy centers of our subtle body, beginning at the base of the spine and running upward to the crown of the head.  Each of the seven chakras correspond with specific organs and meridians in the physical body, radiate a particular color and energy, and relate to spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects of our being.  Energetic blockage in any center can manifest in physical and emotional dis-ease.  As we tune into the natural energy cycles of our bodies, we can connect physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances with the chakras that empower them.  These discoveries can help us balance our chakras to live a healthier and more harmonious life.  Each gemstone in your Chakra Balance bracelet coincides with a specific chakra, and its energetic qualities help align the subtle body energy centers.  Diffusing drops of the Young Living™ Jasmine and V6 carrier oil combination on the lava bead section of your bracelet will enhance the alignment process as well as promote clarity and insight.

Chakra Balance Gemstone and Young Living™ Essential Oil Bracelet Set 

Crown Chakra » Moonstonechakra of divine connection & universal life force » stone of the divine feminine & inner direction

Third Eye Chakra » Pietersitechakra of enlightenment & intuition » stone of spiritual potential & consciousness

Throat Chakra » Blue Tiger’s Eyechakra of expression & communication » stone of clarity & perspective

Heart Chakra » Moss Agatechakra of love & compassion » stone of emotional healing & abundance

Solar Plexus » Yellow Tiger’s Eyechakra of personal power & will » stone of courage & confidence

Sacral Chakra » Carnelian — chakra of creative energy & connection » stone of vitality & passion

Root Chakra » Garnet — chakra of earth energy & grounding » stone of ultimate health & energy flow

Jasmine Essential Oilrich sultry aroma versatile enough to align all chakra centers and bring profound insight

∞ Bracelet length is approximately 7 1/8 inches using 8 mm bead size — Custom lengths or bead sizes available upon request ∞

∞ Jasmine and V6 carrier oil blend fills a ¼ dram glass vial ∞