E X P R E S S your Authentic Self – Heart Mandala Crystal Grid Kit


A trio of hand-selected mini-crystal combinations paired with some of the most prevalent sacred geometric designs created to enable your mindful journey.  These combinations are intended to allow you to  E X P L O R E  your inner truth,  E X P R E S S  your authentic self and  E N H A N C E  your well being.  Choose any one of our three kits to help get you motivated to manifest your hearts desire!

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  Crystal Grids

are an arrangement of crystals on a specific design or shape that focuses universal life force in a particular way for a particular purpose.  These geometric patterns are found in nature, architecture, sound and light and are thought to be the window to the interconnected fabric of creation.  The combination and alignment of crystals according to sacred geometry works synergistically to convert and focus external energy into a universal energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement.  Thus, crystal grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions.  Using your mini crystal grid set will allow you to harness, magnify and reinforce your personal intentions toward co-creating your future truth or vision.  Set your intention, arrange your crystals in our recommended pattern — or create one that resonates with you! — and place in a space where you will see and contemplate your goals daily.

The  E X P R E S S  your Authentic Self Heart Mandala Crystal Grid set includes the following crystals to help align the body, mind and spirit with trust, harmony and high-vibes:

Rhodochrositeto integrate physical and spiritual energy, stimulate passion and energize the soul

Prehniteto promote universal inner knowing and invite peace and protection on all levels

Rose Quartzto promote universal and unconditional love, friendship and self acceptance

Quartz Pointto clear vibrational clutter, align with the highest self and live at one’s highest potential

Heart Mandala grid is 4 inches in diameter ∞ Mini tumbles come in a decorative organza bag